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First up, run SotS-2 from Steam.


You will now find yourself looking at the SotS-2 Launcher.

If you have an online connection, the main window of the Launcher will update with details from the Kerberos Productions site, including links for:

Across the Top

Along the Bottom

You can click on any of those links to have your browser launch and take you the linked site.

Additionally, there are the usual Social Media suspects.

Launcher Options

Here, it is recommended that you check your resolution and full screen choices before proceeding, by clicking on the Options button.

Launcher Options

Verify that your desired options are selected, and then proceed by selecting Okay and then Play to launch the game.

Should you find that, for example, you are unexpectedly in Windowed mode instead of Fullscreen on launching SotS-2, then return here to verify the settings.

Note: Many of the usual graphics / texture options are handled by this launcher rather than being available as in game options.

Note: At this time, every new Update resets these options to the default.

SotS-2 allows you to play in Windowed mode, whether at a set resolution or by maximising the window SotS-2 is being played in.

The usual Windows hotkeys, <ALT>+<ENTER>, will also let you switch between full screen and windowed mode.

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